Utility Public Training Outreach

  •  Improved utility preparedness

  •  Enhanced public safety

  •  Lives saved and property protected

  •  Federal regulation compliance

Utility Emergencies

|    Partnering with Industry to Ensure Emergency Response Safety


Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies


Responding to Electrical Emergencies


Leading experienced based utility emergency response training programs developed for all emergency responders and industry safety personnel by nationally recognized hazardous materials author and instructor, Michael Callan and utility experts.














Natural Gas and Electrical Emergencies prepares all first responders with practical knowledge addressing aspects of awareness, regulations and standards, hazard and risk evaluation and safe emergency response procedures for handling natural gas and electrical emergencies.

Programs utilize the following multi-level training system

 •  Interactive training ebook with video instruction

 •  Utility emergencies instructor program

 •  Supportive online training site

 •  Classroom Instruction 

 •  Outreach compliance documentation

Let us provide your cost effective emergency response training that meets and exceeds industry regulatory and compliance (API RP1162) responsibilities with complete fulfillment and documentation.

Providing these training materials and working together with the fire service community in pre-planning and utility training activities will ensure safety and prevent excessive costs in the future.


Utility training outreach increases public awareness of natural gas and electricity as safe energy sources and minimizes the risk of utility accidents in communities.




Emergency Response Preparedness and

Compliance Solution



Training ebook with video assets is packaged
in a 4 color CD mailer for ease of distribution. Printed books are also available for bulk orders.

Textbook covers may be customized with your Utility company logo and additional company information for orders of quantities of 1,000
or more.

Complete fulfillment of training texts is offered
with outreach compliance documentation.


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Let us support your public awareness outreach programs with our affordable, federally approved emergency response training programs.

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